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After leaving Keauhou Bay (birthplace of Kamehameha III) we head south along the cliffs toward Kuamoo Bay. Along this stretch we look for dolphins, manta rays and turtles. There are interesting arches and blow holes along the cliffs. In Kuamo'o Bay, we head for a sea cave/ lava tube that often allows us inside it. Often times this cave catches ocean swells that makes this stop an exciting highlight of our adventure. Heading south along Kuamo'o Bay, we follow the coastline, and paddle over coral gardens and underwater lava tubes, till we arrive at the next cave which is almost always calm and cool. This is a dry lava tube above the cave that extends deep into the earth.

Next we head to one of our snorkel spots (each day is different depending on the waves and conditions). Ample time is allowed to snorkel the reefs. The tropical fish are abundant, and if you look, you may see: octopus, uhu (parrotfish), yellow tang, butterflies, wrasse, or even a crown of thorns. Exiting the water here, we climb up to a vantage point above the cove where we enjoy our snacks and cold drinks. We may even have wild parrots fly overhead as we eat. Often we walk over to the tide pools to watch the eels hunting a’ama crabs.
From our vantage point above the cove, the water looks clear and tempts many to jump off the 12 to 25 ft. cliffs into the water below. The water is deep and safe. Many scaredy cats even jump off and end up doing the jump many times. Good photo opportunities may include catching mom or the kids jumping off a cliff in Kona!

After a refreshing break of an hour or so, we pack up and head off shore where we hope to ride the trade winds home. Arrival time back in Keauhou is at 12:00 noon, or 12:30 (time for lunch and a nap at the beach).